Prayer for Land Clearing

Father God, we come to you as humble as we can, thanking you for your grace and mercy. Asking you Dear Lord, to forgive us of our sins and thanking you for the trials and tribulations, that you have carried us thus far. I come to thank you, for your watching over us and our families each and every day of our lives. You have been good to us. For you brought us a mighty long way. From the teenage years of and through the jungles of Vietnam. We are thankful.

We had some of us who did not make it back in one piece. We pray for them as a whole, because they were a part of us. We share the power of unity and togetherness. For, “United We Stand and Divided we Fall.”

This prayer is for all of the Land Clearing Units of Vietnam. We pray for health, and strength. We all have something in common: we check in each day at the VA, we have medical problems, and take medications to continue to stay alive. Even though we have some sleepless nights, the PTSD, and agent-orange that just won’t let go…We continue to be grateful, for the rise and setting of the sun. We still have God on our side. I continue to pray for all of our brothers and sisters who are reading this prayer. I pray for the ones that are sick and suffering for the elements of life circumstances. I pray, for all that of us who have served our country together, and for those who are not with us.

Father God, we are getting ready to have another reunion, at the countryside and mountain tops of Colorado Springs. Thank you Lord for another opportunity, to allow us to share our memories, laughter, and tears. Strengthen all those who will make this trip, and those who cannot, in a very special way.

We love you Lord, and ask that you continue to watch over us, inspire us with noble hope, strengthen our faith; and permit our love for justice and righteousness to grow daily in your name we pray…AMEN.